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Harar and Dire Dawa

Harar GateHarerge, in Ethiopia's far east, covers a striking variation in land and people. The area is home to some of the best coffee in the world. In the south, Somali-speaking nomads wander across endless red wastes of savannah, in a landscape dotted with termite mounds, with their herds of camels and cattle, following the sparse rains. Eastwards, dust, wind, and the baking heat of the merciless midday sun create an environment where only the strong and cunning survive.

Although is largely desert and low-lying savannah, Harerge's northern reaches are mountainous and fertile, and it is there where the country's only stretch of railway bisects the tip of the zone, leading from the nation's capital to the port of Djibouti on the Gulf of Aden.

This railway, which plays an extremely important role in the modern Ethiopian economy, carrying a large share of its imports and exports, was first conceived by the Swiss craftsman Alfred Ilg, who arrived in the country in 1877 to take up the post of technical adviser to Emperor Menelik. It was a mammoth undertaking and fraught with problems. Read More ...

Accommodations and Restaurants.
Name of Hotel No of Rooms Tele. No Fax No E-Mail Star
Abadir Hotel 32 +251-256-66 07 21
Belaineh Hotel 22 +251-256-66 03 22
Dessie Hotel 12 +251-256-66 02 18 - -
Harrar Ras Hotel 42 +251-256-66 00 27
Plaza Hotel 26 +251-256-66 51 37
Rewda Hotel 25 +251-256-66 59 65
Tana Hotel 42 +251-256-66 18 86 - -
Tsadkan Tesfaye Hotel 26 +251-256-66 15 46
Wondimu Hotel 24 +251-256-66 09 99 Recommended
Important Numbers



Dile Chora Hospital

Tel: 025 1113247


Dire Dawa Police

Tel: 025 1113057



Misrak Arbegonch Hospital

Tel: 025 6660231


Harar police

Tel: 025 6660400